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Great Variety of Waves – 4 Lefts & 4 Rights – 7 Breaks within vicinity of 10-15 minute boat ride
Frigates Passage approx. 45-60 minute boat ride





FRIGATES PASSAGE (Left) is shown above with the break direction and reef – the distance to Frigates is approximately 14 miles and takes between 40 to 60 minutes dependent on boat and wind and weather conditions.

The Frigates surf break  is one of a kind in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and with no land around, but just a reef popping up in the midst of nowhere. At high tide you can’t even see the reef line and there is just a super long left-hand wave popping out of the ocean – absolutely magical and SURFING FIJI at its best !

Waidroka is one of the only SURF RESORT FIJI surfing Frigates Passage and due to the distance and location of Frigates Passage it provide usually for absolutely uncrowded surf experiences with incredible wave-count per surf session!

Come SURF IN FIJI  at a FIJI SURF RESORT created for an ADVENTURE of a lifetime and get your ultimate surf experience at Waidroka Bay Resort !!

Above you can see the SURF MAP of our local SURF BREAKS with reefs and direction of breaks, whilst below is the detailed SURF BREAK information, where you will find some top-line  interpretations for our various surf breaks. Our surf guides and resort staff have of course much more in depth information on the spot locally, as well as local reef knowledge and will work with you daily on break & surf choices. We use Buoyweather, Windguru and Fiji Meterological forecasts daily for swell and weather info.

All surf breaks on the maps are identified as either: Rights or Lefts

The ‘yellow arrows’ indicate the real break direction.

The map points, as any map, north with the top part being north and bottom part south.

The longest boat ride to our local breaks from Waidroka Resort is Shifties and/or Serua, which takes approx. 15 minutes.

Waidroka will enable you to experience an absolute amazing Fijian Surf ADVENTURE. Come SURF FIJI for the ultimate surf experience at its best !

You can download our surf break infomation document with all the bellow information

Fiji Surf Resort Shifties Clean and Glassy Peaks


‘SHIFTIES’ – deep water pyramid like take-off.  An outside…
Surf Fiji Pure Speed to the Right


‘J’s’ – a super hollow, fast and barreling right hand…
Surfing In Fiji Black Rock


‘BLACK ROCK’ – a right hand barrel which can be tricky…


‘SERUA RIGHTS’ – Great long right-hande break. Mellow take…
Surf Fiji Bodyboarding


‘420’s’ – great left just opposite Serua in the same…
Fiji Surf Resort Pipe like Teahupoo


‘PIPE’ – We also call it mini-Teahupoo ! Peaky Left-Hand…


‘Resorts’ – Fun Left-Hand Break. Good surf break for beginners…
Surfing in Fiji Frigates Left Pure


FRIGATES – World Class and one of the best surf breaks in Fiji…