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Beqa Fiji Shark Diving

Fiji Shark Feeding
There are certain spots along Fiji’s wide reef expanse that are protected sites. One of these spots is ‘Shark Reef’. It may look rather ordinary but the hard coral reef just off Pacific Harbour’s coastline (off the coast of Viti Levu) is home to many of the culturally significant shark population.

Divers come from around the world to experience the only dive with 8 Species of Shark.  The ULTIMATE SHARK ENCOUNTER FIJI features multiple bull sharks (largest in the world), white-tip reef sharks, black-tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, grey reef sharks, silver-tip sharks and over 300 species of fish. As if that isn’t enough, 16 + foot tiger sharks come in regularly, making this a ‘shark lovers’ dream dive.

In 1999 the beginning of Fiji’s Shark Dive was started and ever since shark feeding has been a major attraction in the area. So why are sharks culturally significant? According to Fijian legend, one of the Gods – Dakuwaqa – takes the form of a shark. That’s why most Fijians do not eat shark meat. Some fear that if they eat shark meat, they will have no protection in the water from other sharks. Book early as the activity is highly popular. The Shark Dive is year round; however bull sharks leave for mating season in November to early January.

During the shark feed you may encounter up to 8 different species of sharks…If you dare, you may like to even pet a lemon shark…

You will definitely want to have that camera ready. Of course, most people are so blown away by the sight of sharks up close and personal that they forget to take their camera out. Because the area is protected, this section of the reef is home to many types of reef fish and other pelagics as well. Giant trevally dart in for a free meal, huge groupers that look like a semi-truck are grazing nearby the action, moray-eels, skip-jacks and coral trout stick their nose in and dozens of remoras (shark-suckers) cruise just below the surface waiting for their free ride with their symbiotic relationship with the sharks.

Shark Dive Rate (2-Tank Experience): $ 316 FJD (excl. 25% Tax)

A small marine park fee applies [For Aquatrek $ 20 FJD]