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Wellness at Waidroka

In the modern world we live our lives in the fast lane, we are overworked, overloaded, overweight, over stressed and over busy…

The path towards more contentment in life is simple – getting back to basics and focusing on what’s truly important: The Self, Body, Mind & Spirit.

Believing in this, Waidroka Bay Resort has created a Wellness Concept available & integrated into the resort for all guests to participate and enjoy!

The Waidroka Bay Resort Wellness Concept goal is to offer all guests a small doorway to many aspects of wellness including:

Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellness, Nutrition and Social & Environmental Wellness.

We offer Yoga sessions and stretching guidance in terms of those specific areas you wish/need to focus on, meditation and breathing exercises, as well as focus on nutrition our community and the environment.

Waidroka Bay Resort will always be and remain a Surf and Dive Resort first & foremost, but has also made a commitment to create an environment for our guests which provides an opportunity to participate actively, or just experience from the sidelines, the various Wellness Options on offer at the resort.

Waidroka’s Wellness aspects will be surrounding you, but will NEVER make you change, partake or push you above and beyond your OWN DESIRE TO BE INSPIRED and all Wellness activities are absolutely FREE!

The Waidroka Yoga/Fitness Studio is available for FREE to ALL guests to use for either Yoga, work-outs or stretching exercises. The Yoga Studio has ceiling fans, music and a variety of yoga and fitness equipment avaialble, including mats, blankets, blocks, straps, fitballs, resistance bands etc. We are also happy to provide guidance on movement or stretching specifically aligned to your lifestyle or any personal injuries and aches.

Watch this space for further information on YOGA RETREATS coming up at Waidroka, as well as various specific stretching exercises for surfers and also common injuries for surfers (back, shoulders, chest, hips and neck among others…).

Waidroka Bay Resort is committed to enabling our active adventure travellers a way to partake in a full mind-body experience and to ensure we provide a platform for you to discover a healthy way to stay active and balanced in life.