Surf Fiji Bodyboarding


‘420’s’ – great left just opposite Serua in the same Bay and if Serua turns on-shore 420’s will produce. If the swell is too large for Serua (Serua does not hold large swells very well – it likes medium size at the max.) there is a chance for 420’s to produce as it holds bigger and works with NW winds. On a good day it will be a peaky left with a barrel section on the inside. Easy channel to access the wave and great fun. Shallow on the deep inside. NEEDS STRONG SWELL AND DOESN’T WORK THAT OFTEN. IF STRONG ‘E’ WIND BLOWING AND PIPES ISN’T WORKING, CHECK 420’S.   BREAK DIRECTION:  S to N WINDS: NW, N, NE, E, ESE, SE SWELL DIRECTION: S, SW, SSW, ESE, SE, TIDES: 3 HRS EACH SIDE OF THE HIGH

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