Surfing In Fiji Black Rock


‘BLACK ROCK’ – a right hand barrel which can be tricky at take-off, but can produce the ride of a lifetime. Best around high tide due to the quite shallow coral reef close to take-off zone. Breaks at the entry of a passage which can pick up large swells. RECOMMENDED BODY BOARDERS WAVE OR EXPERIENCED SURFERS WHEN BIG. BREAKS EXTREMELY CLOSE TO THE EDGE OF A LEDGE LIKE REEF LINE UNDER WATER. HOLDS BIG, BUT VERY TRICKY TAKE-OFF WHEN LARGER. VERY HEAVY FAT LEDGING WAVE. BE CAREFUL AT TAKE-OFF! (GOOD WAVE TO SURF WHEN THERE IS A BIG PERIOD AND SOLID SWELL, HOWEVER VERY GNARLY).   BREAK DIRECTION:  S to N WINDS:  NNW, N, NE, E, ESE, SE SWELL DIRECTIONS: SSW, S SW, SSE, SE TIDES: 2HRS EACH SIDE OF HIGH    (gets very shallow)

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