Surfing in Fiji Frigates Left Pure


FRIGATES – World Class and one of the best surf breaks in Fiji – can rival Cloudbreak on a good day and will pick up a couple of more foot in wave height than any of the local breaks due to its location 20 km out to sea. SE Trades are offshore so it is a great choice of wave once local breaks become smaller or are blown out due to trades – Frigates will mostly deliver! Frigate’s is a powerful, fast and consistent hollow left. Big barrels, long rides and works at all tides! Most surfers that had a few sessions at Frigates will come back to Fiji to surf Frigates again and again. Longest ride 150 m plus with a relatively easy take-off (unless it gets BIGGGG…), with various sections, down to the last inside section with a hollow barrel (drop out at low tide since it gets very shallow). An epic and one of the most fun waves in the Pacific! WHATEVER SIZE THE LOCAL BREAKS ARE, FRIGATES WILL BE ALMOST DOUBLE ON THE SETS. FRIGATES WILL USUALLY CONSISTENTLY PRODUCE WAVES WHEN IT’S SMALLER LOCALLY. FRIGATES IS A LONG WAVE WHICH PRODUCES CONSISTENTLY AND HAS A DEEP TAKE-OFF ZONE. WATCH THE ‘SCALPEL’ ON THE INSIDE WHERE IT GETS SHALLOW QUICK AND LEARN WHEN TO EXIT THE WAVE – ALWAYS LOOK AT THE DEPTH ON THE INSIDE. WHEN SWEPT INSIDE GO THE LONG WAY AROUND THROUGH THE CHANNEL – DON’T FIGHT AGAINST THE MASSES OF WATER AS THE WHOLE OCEAN PUSHES AGAINST YOU.   BREAK DIRECTION:  WSW to ENE WINDS: E, ESE, SE, SSE, LIGHT N, LIGHT NE, SWELL DIRECTIONS: S, SSW, SW TIDES: ALL TIDES

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