Fiji Surf Resort Shifties Clean and Glassy Peaks


‘SHIFTIES’ – deep water pyramid like take-off.  An outside point of the Reef picks up all the swell and will pick up more swell than any other break around.  It’s powerful and thick.  When everywhere else has very little swell and waves there will always be a wave at Shifties.  It can be surfed up to 1.5 hours before low tide. Right hander with a first bottom turn and preferably cut-back straight into the wave once of the pyramid and can produce a long run if connecting. It can produce very large waves at take-off and has one of the biggest take-offs of all waves AT Waidroka. IF NOTHING ELSE IS WORKING SHIFTIES WILL TEND TO PICK UP MORE SWELL. TRICKY TO FIND THE RIGHT SPOT FOR TAKE-OFF THERE IS A LOT OF PADDLING AROUND, BUT CAN BE A LOT OF FUN AND ALSO PRODUCE EXTREMELY BIG PEAKS DEEP.   BREAK DIRECTION:  S to N WINDS: W, NW, N, NE, E, ESE, SE SWELL DIRECTIONS: ALL SWELLS TIDES: 4-5HRS EACH SIDE OF HIGH

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