‘Resorts’ – Fun Left-Hand Break. Good surf break for beginners and long boards when smaller and at high tide. Allows surfing at all tides. Resorts can get real big sets with good swell and is a great take-off in deeper water, with a ‘pyramid type’ section which barrels and is fun to get through, after which you have to cut back immediately to stay on the wave. A fun wave, but short. GOOD LOCAL BREAK FOR BEGINNERS WHEN SMALLER AND AROUND HIGH TIDE. SHORT LEFT AND WHEN RESORTS IS ON USUALLY PIPE IS WORKING – AT WHICH TIME PIPE IS THE BETTER WAVE FOR EXPERIENCED SURFERS. IF PIPE IS TOO TRICKY FOR PEOPLE IN TERMS OF TAKE-OFF, RESORTS IS THE BEST OPTION.   BREAK DIRECTION:  WSW to ENE WINDS: N, NE, E, SE, SSE SWELL DIRECTIONS:  SE, S, SSW, SW TIDES: 2 HRS EACH SIDE OF THE LOW

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