Fiji Surf Resort Pipe like Teahupoo


‘PIPE’ – We also call it mini-Teahupoo ! Peaky Left-Hand Break. PURE BARRELS. Experienced Surfers. mid- to high- tide break. The SE Trade winds blow cross-offshore at most times during the winter, which produces super barrels. One of the best surf spots in Fiji for body-boarders and those looking for fast left-hand barrels. With bigger swells Pipe becomes a challenge and is a late take-off, with a drop straight into a barrel (best to ‘rail it’). It can be approximately 50 m of pure fast barrel. Once you have made the barrels at Pipe any other wave becomes ‘easy’… HOLLOW FAST LEFT-HAND BREAK, BEST WAVE IN ‘E’ OR ‘SE’ WIND (CROSS-OFFSHORE). PIPE PRODUCES THE MOST CONSISTENT WAVES IN OUR AREA AND IS FULL ON WHEN IT GETS BIGGER. A FAST BARREL TO THE LEFT WITH AN EASY CHANNEL ACCESS AND THE BOAT CLOSE BY. GOOD FOR PHOTO’S.   BREAK DIRECTION:  S to N WINDS: NNW, N, NE, E, SE SWELL DIRECTIONS: S, SSW, SSE (OPTIMAL), LIGHT SW (IF YOU HAVE TOO MUCH WEST IN SWELL IT WILL SHUT DOWN) TIDES: 3 HRS EACH SIDE OF HIGH

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