‘SERUA RIGHTS’ – Great long right-hande break. Mellow take off going into hollow inside section. On medium days this is one of the longest rights surfing in Fiji offers. Works almost at all tides. Waves begins to break on outer reef and peels into deeper water. Keep cutting way back inside and stay in the foam. Stay with it! Your ride has not finished yet. As you head in towards the inside reef (quite shallow) a full reform/peak will start coming straight at you from down the line. Back door it! Where the boat parks is perfect for barrel photo’s. Drop out after that since it becomes shallow. NO WIND OR WESTERLY OR NORTH WESTERLY WIND, AND CLEAN SW SWELL, GO TO SERUA! DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SCORE THIS WAVE AS WHEN IT’S ON IT IS ONE OF THE BEST RIGHTS IN FIJI. LONG WAVE WITH VARIOUS SECTIONS AND GREAT FUN RIDES. EASY CHANNEL ACCESS TO GET TO – HOWEVER AFTER A LONG WAVE A LONG PADDLE BACK OUT. DON’T GET TO DEEP INSIDE TOWARDS THE LOW TIDE AS IT GETS SHALLOW QUICKLY. ALSO GOOD FOR BEGINNERS LOOKING FOR A RIGHT WHEN NOT TOO BIG.   BREAK DIRECTION:  E to W WINDS:  WSW, W, NW, N, NNE SWELL DIRECTIONS: S, SE,  SW TIDES:  1-2 HRS EACH SIDE OF THE LOW (longest window of all local breaks)

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