Surf Fiji Pure Speed to the Right


‘J’s’ – a super hollow, fast and barreling right hand wave that breaks from 2’ to 6’.  It works best around the high tide with off-shore or cross-offshore winds from NNE to WSW.  It likes a bit of west in the swell to run all the way down the reef. It’s a fun and fast right-hander which gives you the immediate pleasure of being able to ‘rail-it’ into a barrel and get to overhead size making it a great option for our regular footers looking for barrels! SUPER FUN – HOLLOW VERY FAST BARREL. WHEN J’S IS ON IT’S ONE OF THE FASTEST RIGHTS IN FIJI AND IS A PERFECT PLACE FOR BARRELS. DON’T SIT TOO DEEP AS ITS HARD TO MAKE AND FINDING THE RIGHT TAKE-OFF SPOT IS  THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAKING MANY BARRELS TO SPENDING A LOT OF TIME IN WHITE WATER BEING SWEPT INSIDE. DON’T GET TOO DEEP AT LOWER TIDES AS IT GETS SHALLOW FAST. PADDLE STRAIGHT FOR THE CHANNEL WHEN TOO DEEP INSIDE AND MAKE YOUR WAY AROUND.   BREAK DIRECTION:  ESE to WNW WINDS: WSW, W, NW, N, NNE SWELL DIRECTIONS: S, SSW, SW, SSE TIDES: 2.5 HRS EACH SIDE OF HIGH

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