Waidroka Bay Surf Resort has the largest variety of Totally Uncrowded LEFT & RIGHT Hand Breaks in FIJI on its doorstep!

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  FRIGATES                                      PIPE                                              J’S                                                SERUA

Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-Black-Rock-Barrel Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-Shifties-Glassy Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-420_s-Take-Off Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-Resorts

BLACK ROCK                                 SHIFTIES                                      420’S                                            RESORTS

Large variety and selection of rights & lefts some only 10 minutes boat ride away!

Surfing in Fiji is world class and there is surf year around. The Pacific swells break on the various reef passages right outside the resort and present a variety of un-crowded waves.The surf which is breaking over reef (reef-breaks) can be challenging at about 5 foot plus for more inexperienced surfers and surfers need to be competent in surfing these type of breaks. Utilizing the pacific south swells which break on the various reefs right outside Waidroka Bay Resort presents a large variety of un-crowded waves, which break consistently with the southerly swells.

There are 2 surf seasons, with the best swells coming from the southerly fronts originating from low pressure systems that start in the Tasman Sea to the south of Australia. These cold fronts occur year round, though they’re most frequent in the dry season which occurs from March to October producing consistent ground swells which can get up to 8 to 12’. The tropical storms and cyclones which occur off North Queensland between November and March also produce some excellent waves and are generally associated with shorter swells – the conditions could be called ‘tropical’ as it is glassy or light winds all day and extremely hot. This is the time when our breaks can fire up with limited crowds. During the winter/wet season, the SE trade winds are offshore at Frigates, Pipe, 420’s and Resorts. The recommended surfboards to take would be your normal short board and a larger semi-gun for the bigger days.  Board shorts can be worn all year round and booties are a personal option for the reef, as is a rash-guard and sunscreen protection.

Only a short boat ride from Waidroka Bay Resort, are 4 right hand reef breaks and 3 lefts.  Depending on the tide, wind and swell, these waves can offer the experience of a lifetime surfing Waidroka Bay Resort….and then there is world famous Frigates Passage, which is a long peeling left-hander which you will not forget in the most magical conditions on a reef in the midst of the Ocean.

The trips to any of our local breaks take no longer than 10 minutes. A boat-driver / surf-guide will always be on board for your guidance and safety and we always carry water and some snacks, as well as phone for your safety. The trip to Frigates Passage takes approx 45 minutes. Traveling in comfort aboard the ‘Fiji Explorer,’ a 30 foot catamaran style boat with a full roof, padded seats, or it might be ‘Wave Rider’ or the ‘Wave Hunter’ that heads out. Which ever the boat, it remains with you while you enjoy the world class waves at some of the best surf breaks in the world.  Between sets you can relax in the shaded comfort of the boat and enjoy lunch, snacks, drinks and stories from your Fijian guides.

With a large selection of rental surf boards, SUP’s, body boards, helmets, rash guards and booties, a Waidroka Surfing Safari is at your finger tips.



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Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-J_s-1 Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-Shifties Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-J_s Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-Serua-Barrel


– Great long right hander. Mellow take off going into hollow inside section. On medium days this is one of the longest rights surfing in Fiji offers. Works at all tides. Waves begins to break on outer reef and peels into deep water. Keep cutting way back inside and stay in the foam. Stay with it! Your ride has not finished yet. As you head in towards the inside reef (quite shallow) a full reform/peak will start coming straight at you from down the line. Back door it! Where the boat parks is perfect for barrel photo’s. Drop out after that since it becomes shallow.

‘J’s’ –  a super hollow, fast and barreling right hand wave that breaks from 2’ to 6’.  It works best around the high tide with off-shore or cross-offshore winds from NE to W.  It likes a bit of west in the swell to run all the way down the reef. It’s a fun and fast right hander which gives you the immediate pleasure of being able to ‘rail-it’ into a barrel and get to overhead size making it a great option for our regular footers looking for barrels!

SHIFTIES – deep water pyramid like take-off.  An outside point of the Reef picks up all the swell and will pick up more swell than any other break around.  It ‘s powerful and thick.  When everywhere else has very little swell and waves there will always be a wave at Shifties.  It can be surfed at all tides. This is a right hander with a first bottom turn and preferably cut-back straight into the wave once of the pyramid and can produce quite a long run if the wave connects. It can produce very large waves at take-off and has one of the biggest take-off points of all waves Waidroka has to offer.

‘BLACK ROCK’ – a right hand barrel which can be tricky at take-off, but can produce the ride of a lifetime. Best around high tide due to the quite shallow coral reef close to take-off zone. Breaks at the entry of a passage which can pick up large swells.


Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-Frigates-3 Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-Frigates-2 Fiji-Bodyboarding-Waidroka-Pipe Fiji-Surfing-Waidroka-Frigates-1(1)



FRIGATES – World Class and one of the best surf breaks in Fiji – can rival Cloudbreak on a good day and will pick up a couple of more foot in wave height than any of the local breaks due to its location 20 km out to sea. SE Trades are offshore so it is a great choice of wave once local breaks become smaller or are blown out due to trades – Frigates will mostly deliver! Frigate’s is a powerful, fast and consistent hollow left. Big barrels, long rides and works at all tides! Most surfers that had a few sessions at Frigates will come back to Fiji to surf Frigates again and again. Longest ride 150 m plus with a relatively easy take-off (unless it gets BIGGGG…), with various sections, down to the last inside section with a hollow barrel (drop out at low tide since it gets very shallow). An epic and one of the most fun waves in the Pacific!

PIPE – We also call it mini-Teahupoo ! Peaky Lefthander. Pure Barrels. Experienced Surfers. mid- to high- tide break. Thye SE Trade winds blow cross-offshore at most times during the winter, which produces super barrels. One of the best surf spots in Fiji for body-boarders. With bigger swells Pipe becomes a challenge and is a late take-off, with a drop straight into a barrel (best to ‘rail it’). It can be approximately 50 m of pure fast barrel. Once you have made the barrels at Pipe any other wave becomes ‘easy’…

‘420’s’ – great left just opposite Serua in the same Bay and if Serua turns off-shore 420’s will produce. On a good day it will be a peaky left with a barrel section on the inside. Easy channel to access the wave and great fun.

RESORTS – Fun lefthander. Possible surf break for beginners and long boards at the right conditions, with small swells and only around high tide with mellow weather . Resorts can get real big sets with good swell and is a great take-off in deeper water, with a ‘pyramid type’ section which barrels and is fun to get through, after which you have to cut back immediately to stay on the wave. A fun wave!




Surf some of the best surf spots in Fiji with us. Surf spots are working in almost all conditions. Local boat rides take no longer than 10-15 minutes. All breaks are reef breaks which develop into super breaks even at the lowest swells. Swells are consistent and when the big ones roll-in, the Surf, both locally and especially at Frigates becomes absolutely World-Class!

Come to Waidroka to enjoy Surfing Fiji at it’s best!