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Shark Dive

‘Shark Dive Fiji’: World famous shark dive. Experience close encounters with 50-70 sharks from up to 8 different species. From small White Tip reef sharks to huge Tiger sharks – the Fiji Shark Dive will be one of the most memorable dives you have ever experienced!

Frigates Walls

Frigates Walls 3m-30m/10ft-100ft): Frigates is found on the outer barrier reef of Beqa Lagoon. With stunning vertical walls, beautiful fans and hard corals, this enormous reef easily offers 3 to 4 unique dive sites. Eagle rays, mobula rays, zebra sharks, schooling barracuda, white tip/grey reef sharks, green and hawksbill turtles are all found here. Being […]

Cesar’s Rock

Cesar’s Rock (5m-27m/15ft-90ft): A paradise for any diver. This spectacular site showcases several pinnacles that are covered in soft corals of every colour, huge gorgonian fans and black coral. One pinnacle features a stunning 3-way swim through with walls shrouded in golden soft corals and fans. Look for Blue Ribbon Eels, nudibranchs, lionfish, anthias as […]


Aquarium (3m-30m+/10ft-100ft+): Beautiful ridges and vertical walls make up the topography of this stunning hard coral dive site. Keep a look out in the blue or along the reef wall for eagle rays, reef sharks and turtles.


Fantasea (3m-30m/10ft-100ft): An aptly named site – a delightful display of soft corals and anemones completely cover this stunning lone pinnacle creating a rainbow of colour. An undercut ledge is home to an array of massive Gorgonians while the pinnacle is home to schools of fusiliers, purple and orange anthias, nudibranchs, and Mantis Shrimps. Exploring […]

Golden Arch

Golden Arch (5m-20m/15ft-65ft): This incredible dive gets its name from an enormous archway swim-through that is covered in orange and yellow soft coral. While this archway is the star, there are many other coral-addled swim-throughs and crevices just waiting to be explored. Shallow up and enjoy the rocky pinnacles covered with fans and black corals […]

Ponti’s Playground

Ponti’s Playground (3m-26m/10ft-85ft): A maze of large, colourful, coral encrusted bommies found next to a sloping drop-off, this dive site has numerous swim-throughs and overhangs to delight the adventurous diver. Hard coral gardens cover the slope up to the shallows with soft corals and fans on the bommies. This site is home to a variety […]


‘Seven Sisters’ – Beqa Lagoon delivers yet again with this fabulous aquarium-like dive site. Huge abundance and variety of hard and soft corals and tropical reef fish make this a marine biologists dream!

Tasu Wreck

TASU II Wreck (18m-26m/60ft-85ft): The TASU II was a 200-ton Taiwanese fishing vessel, deliberately sunk in 1994 as an artificial reef. Sitting upright in a well-protected area, this wreck is home to many types of reef fish and provides protection for juveniles. There is a great variety of macro subjects such as nudibranchs, popcorn shrimp, […]