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Surf Boats

Waidroka Bay Resort, a leading FIJI SURF RESORT owns and operates a fleet of 5 boats to enable surfers SURFING FIJI at its best. All of our boats are continuously looked after and maintained to a high standard to ensure our guests safety. Our boat drivers are all local and know the reefs extremely well. They are all specifically trained to operate the surf boats for surf trips. Our ‘Surf Boats’ are listed below and on any boat trip will always stay with surfers at the various surf-breaks. The boats will always stay on special moorings near the surf spots in safe channels and boat drivers will remain on the boat at all times to ensure safety, as well as serve as a haven for the surfers wanting to rest, have a drink or eat their lunch.

All boats always provide  mobile phone (nowadays there is coverage even at Frigates Passage and many of our guests send back surf pictures straight from the boat) and are always in touch with the base at the resort. Water, snacks, lunch packs and if you wish to order bar drinks will always be onboard, as well as of course medical kits. Our boats are always in contact with base and we ensure maximum safety.

“YAMMY” 23 foot fiberglass Yamaha boat with single 40 HP Yamaha outboard. The “YAMMY” is our local reef boat and has a low drought, is simple to use for quick sessions to any one of our local surf breaks. She can handle the outside reef very well with a V-Hull shape and is great for quick trips anywhere. The YAMMY is the quickest and simplest way to get to any local surf breaks and due to its size and drought is the most versatile in our local reef conditions.

“WAVE HUNTER” 29 foot fiberglass Yamaha boat with single 4-stroke 90 HP Mariner. The “WAVE HUNTER” has a roof top, she will go with groups to our local surf breaks, as well as out to Frigates and is as fast and comfortable as any of our larger boats.

“WAVE RIDER” 30 foot aluminum mono-hull with a twin engine 115 HP setup. The “WAVE RIDER” is our fastest ‘work horse’ and spends most of her time taking our surfers to trips further out, mostly for fast Frigates trips and back. She has a roof top. The Wave Rider is a V-Hull shape, is spacey with much comfort.

“FIJI EXPLORER” 32 foot aluminum catamaran with two new 250 HP Mercury Verado 4-stroke outboards. The “FIJI EXPLORER” is one of our largest boats and will take out surf groups, mostly for FRIGATES PASSAGE trips. She is one of our larger and faster boats, specifically designed for large groups, with a back entry ladder for easy step up and has a hard roof top.

“DAU WAI” (Wtare Expert) 35 foot aluminum catamaran with twin 300 HP Mercury Verado 4-stroke outboards. The “DAU WAI” is our largest boat and will take out large groups (up to 18), mostly when there are larger parties for big day trips. She is very comfortable, extremely fast and specifically designed for large groups, with a back entry ladder for easy step up after and has a hard roof top.

Come SURFING FIJI at a SURF RESORT FIJI  providing uncrowded waves and an unforgettable Fijian Surf ADVENTURE. Waidroka Bay Resort will enable all surfers to SURF FIJI in the most professional environment for an unforgettable experience !



Wave Hunter


Wave Rider


Fiji Explorer


Dau Wai