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Fiji Resort Adventures

Whether you are looking for unsurpassable action and adventure for the entire family, or simple tranquility, at Waidroka Bay Resort we have it all. Our intimate surrounds combined with our friendly service makes for a memorable holiday.

Our information desk has many more options for adventure activities close by to the resort, also highlighted in our Cultural Adventures web-page. Your hosts will be able to organize anything from cultural village visits to extreme white water rafting day trips to thrilling sky-dive excursions. It’s not hard to find whatever you’re after at Waidroka.

If you have travelled to Fiji to relax and restore, to get away from the hustle and bustle of home, Waidroka Bay Resort can definitely accommodate your needs. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings of lush rainforest and of course the magic of the Pacific Ocean right in front of you. Order one of our famous cocktails and chill out by the pool on our swinging day beds or find a secluded hammock by the waters edge to enjoy some down time. We have an on-call pamper service, just ask your friendly staff to arrange a massage or facial and enjoy it by the waters edge in your very own private massage Bure. You can watch movies, listen to music, read a book from our free book-exchange library (take a book – leave a book…) or just daydream and relax….

MASSAGES – enjoy getting private massages anywhere on-site (massage Bure in garden, your room or any hanging daybed…)

MOVIES – Waidroka has a huge movie library where you can choose from many different genres of films – enjoy.

BOOK-EXCHANGE LIBRARY – our exchange library is a lot of fun as it is ever changing. Bring a book and take a book and choose from many magazines.

MUSIC – Waidroka has a vast music library. We love listening to new tunes & encourage for guests to play Waidroka DJ relaxing to their own music.

AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES – many times the resort will have afternoon activities focusing on local language, weaving, coconut opening and other fun bits.

Waidroka Bay Resort can keep you and your friends & family entertained on-site with our many water-based activities and water equipment at you disposal. You will find little need to leave the beautiful grounds. Waidroka is all about Ocean-Adventures, especially concerning Surfing or Scuba Diving, however the Ocean has so much more to offer. Please find below a short-list of our other water based activities.

FIJI SURFING – just click the link to find our main Surf section for specific information.

FIJI SCUBA DIVING – just click the link to find our main Dive section for specific information.

FISHING – we love fish – especially eating the tasty ones and the resort is always set-up for some sport-or game- fishing or bottom-lining.

SKURFING – lots of fun to be dragged behind our small motorboat as if you are water-skiing, however free standing on a surfboard – a blast!

SNORKELING – wherever you go there is a snorkel opportunity and as we supply FREE gear, just grab a mask, fins and snorkel and enjoy.

SPEAR-FISHING – Waidroka Bay Resort has after many years of trying to make our various guests at the resort practice responsible spearfishing, which prevents people from simply killing small fish for the fun of it or spearfishing with no intent of eating the fish – banned spearfishing off our shores and boats. We do accept and will take on what we call professional and Blue-Water spearfishing professionals, but as per our below published policy will not allow irresponsible spearfishing off our boats and shores. We hope you understand that as a Boutique Adventure Waters-Sports Surf & Dive Resort we are extremely passionate and caring about responsible behavior within the marine environment and Eco-System we are part of and hope everybody understands and embraces our policy, Please read our Waidroka Bay Resort Spearfishing Policy

FIJI STAND-UP-PADDLE – FREE SUP’s are available to enjoy the beautiful bay & beaches on close by shores or just to paddle to our famous pontoon.

KAYAKING – FREE Kayaks are available for excursions, beaches and of course to get to our famous Happy-Hour Pontoon.

SWIMMING POOL – the center of the resort has a beautiful swimming-pool pretty much open around the clock for lots of fun & games.

Waidroka Bay Resort can keep you and your friends & family entertained on-site with our many land-based activities at the resort. You will find little need to leave the beautiful grounds. The Waidroka grounds and location will enable you to enjoy so much more. Please find below a short-list of our other land based activities.

VOLLEYBALL – Waidroka has a full-size Volleyball court and many guest games or staff-guest competitions have taken place. Beers are always involved.

BEACH PICNIC – as not to far away there are quite a few idyllic and romantic white-sand beaches available we can arrange for picnics and beach trips.

BOARD GAMES/LAWN GAMES – whatever comes to mind – it probably has been done before but we will help make it happen, from football to rugby…

BIRD WATCHING – there are many birds in our immediate surroundings with Parrots, Hawks, Silktails, Herons and Frigate Birds and many more…

MANGROVE TRIPS AT LOW TIDE – when the tide goes out a whole new world appears and the mangroves are close by for fun excursions.

RAINFOREST TREKKING – as Waidroka is in the midst of the rainforest it is easy to explore the amazing rainforest and its flora & fauna – stunning!