Fiji is considered the perfect holiday destination for divers!

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Fiji Scuba Diving                        

Waidroka Bay Resort offers divers the best of world class Scuba Diving with amazing variety, combined with some of Fiji’s finest soft coral and the great Fiji Shark Dive in the Beqa Lagoon.

Fiji has one of the world’s largest Coral Reef’s, with over 4000 sq. miles of reefone of the planets largest variety of marine lifeone of the planets most diverse eco systemsover 1500 different species of fishincredible variety of coral with over 400 different coral typessome of the most beautiful soft coral in the worldgreat year around diving conditions with friendly water temperaturesvisibility which can easily exceed 100 ftthe best ‘Shark Dive ‘in the world with up to 9 species of sharks in one divecombined with the friendliest & happiest people in the world…and of course Fiji’s wonderful villages, kava ceremonies and landscapes of lush tropical rainforest and lot’s of adventure.

“The Soft Coral Capital of the World” (Jaques Custeau)

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Beqa Lagoon is world famous for its soft-coral and marine life, perfectly reflecting the variety and diversity of Fiji’s diving. Beqa is also home to 2 of the world’s top shark dives!

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Beqa Lagoon is one of the world’s largest barrier reefsit is surrounded by over 190 miles of spectacular coralit is world renowned for its spectacular soft coral and abundant marine lifeit has Fiji’s biggest variety of diving in one centralized areait is easily accessible from your flight destination, Viti Levu (main island)it is also called “The Mecca of Pacific Diving”is the home of Fiji’s world famous Shark Dive

“One of the Best Dive Sites in the World” (Scuba Diving Magazine)

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Waidroka Bay Resort offers divers an ultimate dive experience, through its easy location, access to Beqa, the shark dives, passion for Fiji, our beautiful resort and of course our staff – the Waidroka Family!

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Waidroka Diving offers the perfect set-up, conveniently located on Viti Levuno further inter island flights or ferriesprivate Boutique Dive Resort experience & personal atmospherea real ‘Home away from Home’3.5 star *** amenities with air-conditioning, 3-G Wi-Fi & mini fridgessuperb fresh foodhuge amount of cultural & adventure activities for non-divers or off-dive daysamazing variety of dive sites within 10-45 minutes boat ridefleet of 4 dive boatsFull-Service Padi Dive Centersuits large Groups of 24 diversextremely passionate & experienced dive stafftropical warm water…great value for money!

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Shark DivesSoft Coral WallsDrift Pinnacles Wreck Critters: Huge Variety!

“Waidroka is simply a great product which delivers it all – great diving and super land based activities whilst staying at a beautiful resort and being taken care of by super staff – never a disappointment” (Ernie Arellano, Scuba Travel Venture Inc.)

Waidroka Fiji Resort PADI Green Star Award