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Adventure into Fijian Culture – Amazing Fiji resort, World class diving Fiji & Surfing Fiji

Where tropical rainforest meets the Pacific Ocean nestles a tranquil Boutique Resort, offering an absolute adventure into Fiji’s culture combined with worldclass SURFING – DIVING – FISHING and everything else the ocean has to offer. IMAGINE…

The perfect combination of pure relaxation and exhilarating action, Waidroka Bay Resort offers mind-blowing Surfing at Frigates Passage and many other breaks like famous Pipe or Serua Rights, world class Diving at the famous Bega Lagoon & Reef, as well as shark diving, Game- & Sport Fishing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Rainforest-Trekking and all that is expected of a Fijian oceanfront adventurer paradise.

Famous Fijian hospitality and smiles, a variety of beautiful accommodation, great food, stunning views, exhilarating activities on the highest level and a dream location conveniently located on the main island, Viti Levu, only 2 hours distance from the airport and 20 minutes away from the ‘Adventure Capital’ of Pacific Harbour – yet totally secluded in the midst of the rainforest on our own private Lagoon. Waidroka Bay Resort is a true haven for those seeking a home away from home combined with an intimate and private boutique experience and atmosphere.



Relaxation & World Class Watersports: Surfing – Diving – Adventure – Culture
Have you ever dreamed of a vacation that can make you feel the real happiness and exhilarating fun? Visiting one of the islands in Fiji is just perfect. The Beqa Lagoon offers a unique experience, where you can freely commune with different marine species. With a total land area of 36 square kilometers, this tiny island brings enormous activities that you won’t ever forget. You can have your first dive here or your initial encounter with the shark that would make your whole experience truly unique. The professional crew and guide offered by the Waidroka resort makes you feel you’ve achieved a once in a lifetime vacation that you have wished for.The Fiji shark dive is one of the favorites among the professional divers and photographers. If you are planning to experience a 360° fun and adventure of your life, diving with the shark is on top of the list. The resort is nestled at Viti Levu, just two hours from the Nadi airport, which is very accessible to tourists from all over. From years of solid experience, the professional divers, PADI licensed, from Waidroka resort makes you feel safe while providing you with the liberty to challenge yourself into the marine world, through scuba diving. The unequalled shark dive service won’t fail you; you will have your first-hand experience to the famous eight groups of sharks.The Fiji resort is unique and highly visited by eager tourists from all over the world. Aside from the adrenalin-pumping shark dive, you can seek to explore the world beneath by looking and taking photos of the tropical fish and their habitat. The colorful hard and soft coral reefs are stunning enough to give the credits that you want. The resort offers more than one tank dives using their well-maintained scuba gears. Your dive allows you to take a snap of the dolphins, the famous sting rays, turtles, etc. all to your heart’s delights.Moving on to the next fun-filled activity, you can try the resort’s surfing activities. The Waidroka resort is also known as the surf resort in Viti Levu. You can practically surf all year long when you visit the island. From the resort, the trip to the local breaks can only take 10 minutes. Our experience boat drive or surf guide knows that you need from the time you set forth to our resort. We have equipped them with basic necessities all for your safety. Our surf guide is always on onboard to provide you with assistance and to make you comfortable. They bring along water and snacks as well as mobile phone for immediate coordination to the base station.To surf in Fiji means one spine-tingling experience to enthusiasts coming to the island. Professionals wanting to test their skills and coordination with different types of breaks can definitely experience it with the assistance of our surf guide. On the other hand, if you are here just to experience and try to have the lived experience of a surfer, our guide can help you as well. There is nothing to fear when you want to test the waters for as long as our surf guide is there.Whether your intension is to experience diving in Fiji, to surf or simply to stretch up, your arms and feet and have a meaningful vacation, the Waidroka resort is your partner. For the past three years, our resort earned three successive certificate of excellence given by the Tripadvisor an online medium reference that specializes in resort and hotel bookings and reviews. Beginning 2011 up to present, our resort has maintained its excellent ratings to our facilities and services offered to all visitors staying in our resort.To relax and to splurge on vacations once in a while revitalizes you in any form. We, at the Waidroka resort are here to pamper you with all your needs. You can freely surf, max-out your diving experience or simply experience living in our ocean-front bure and enjoy the tranquil nature as you relax.

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