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Waidroka Yoga

Waidroka Bay Resort has over many years offered a focus on Yoga mainly due to our own interest in Yoga as a balance to life, with an emphasis on mind & body, but also due to the large interest in Yoga as a great complement to surfing and many other activities, as well as a continued effort in creating the ultimate Boutique Adventure Resort in Fiji to which Yoga provides the perfect balance.

We have offered Yoga sessions, guided and arranged by our staff, however not necessarily a Yoga Instructor, but arranging Yoga sessions in combination with interested guests, who wish to participate in Yoga, which has been a great success becoming a steady part of the overall Waidroka atmosphere and experience.

As we are fully committed to ensure Yoga is part of the overall Waidroka Bay Resort Experience, we have now also constructed a YOGA STUDIO, which is available for various Yoga-Retreats, but also an open venue for those who wish to participate in Yoga sessions or just wish to do their own Yoga session.

The Waidroka Yoga Studio is available for FREE to ALL guests to use for either Yoga or various work-out or stretching exercises and also specifically for surfers, who after surf sessions wish to stretch and relax, meditate or do Yoga exercises. The Yoga Studio has ceiling fans, air-conditioning, music and Internet available and has all the Yoga props (bolsters, mats, blankets, straps etc…).

Waidroka Bay Resort is also totally committed to enable all of our guests the ability to fully focus on their bodies and to provide a space and venue to be able to work-out, stretch and exercise as well as meditate. Waidroka will provide guidance on stretching exercises specifically for surfers but also in general for common injuries and aches.

Watch this space for further information on YOGA RETREATS coming up at Waidroka, as well as various specific stretching exercises for surfers and also common injuries for surfers (back, shoulders, chest, hips and neck among others…).

Waidroka Bay Resort is absolutely committed to enabling our active adventure travelers a way to partake in a full mind-body experience and to ensure we provide a platform for you to discover a healthy way to stay active and balanced in life.