Surf Rates


Surf Rates: Valid 1st April 2014 – 31st March 2015

Please be aware – you pay for the boat trips and not for surfing!
Surfing is free and will always be at Waidroka!

Surf Spot Resort Guests Visitors
Local break $95 FJD $110 FJD
Frigates (min. 4 persons) $125 FJD $140 FJD

Visitors – please call minimum the day before to find out schedule and conditions.

NOTE: Visitors will be taken only if there is space on the boat

Day Trip, usually leaving early in the morning and coming back around 3-4 PM. The per person rate of $125 FJD is valid as of the minimum of 4 persons on the boat. With less than 4 persons on the boat, the charges are pro-rata to the minimum of 4 persons, as follows:

Persons on Boat Per Person Rate
4+ Persons $125 FJD
3 Persons $167 FFD
2 Persons $250 FJD
1 Person $500 FJD
Resort Guests do not require any minimum numbers and will be taken out as single surfers.
Minimum 3 persons per boat trip for non-resort guests only
The boat driver or surf guide can decide that it is not safe to enter the water and/or surf at a particular break for safety reasons – this MUST be respected at all times!
Large selection of Surf and Body Boards for rent. $25-45 FJD  per day.
SUP’s available for resort guests FREE (for non-guests available for rent also).
Snorkel equipment available for resort guests FREE (for non-guests available for rent also).
Credit card deposit required for any outside resort guests booking onto a boat.

Bring: Rash Guard, Waterproof sun lotion, sun glasses, booties.
Visitors not staying at the resort should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure for registration.

Lunch packs, sandwiches, drinks etc. can be ordered for any boat trip in advance – please let us know early enough so we can prepare your snacks. You may also request beers and soft drinks to be available on board.