Beqa Shark Dive

Things to bring…

Posted by Waidroka Bay Resort

Waidroka Bay Resort supplies towels, food and Free filtered water refills, soap, shampoo and conditioner. We have an on-site shop which has all your basic needs, such as insect repellant, sunscreen and Panadol. We also have a bar which supplies snacks (chocolate items are limited in Fiji and if you are a chocolate-lover bring your own and you can store in your in-room mini-fridge) and drinks. We have dive, surf and snorkel equipment. Guests can comfortably get by with just their own personal belongings. If you have any specific requirements or enquiries please do not hesitate to email.


Sun protection Sufficient UV-Sunscreen is highly recommended, together with a hat and sunglasses.

Personal Hygiene Items and Mosquito Spray of your choice and specific medical items of your personal choice.

Seasickness Tablets if you tend to get seasick on boats and are intending to do extended boat trips for whatever activities you intend to book.

Watertight Windbreaker is recommended for divers & surfers and anyone intending to go on extended boat trips.

If you have certain personal music choices we’ll be happy to play your specific music on our system. IPods and other portable devices can plug straight in.

SURFERS: spare leash, spare fins, wax, rash guard, booties (if comfortable surfing with booties which we recommend).

DIVERS: torch and batteries for swim-throughs and night dives, safety sausage, camera and charger,
certification card, logbook.