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Electricity & Power Output in Fiji

Posted by Waidroka Bay Resort

The electrical current in FIJI is 240 volts AC with 50Hz with the same plug design as Australia. If you are coming from a region with 240 volts you will not need any special converters and if your plug design is different we will be able to supply you with a ‘Fiji Plug Adapter’.

If you are coming from a region with different voltage (for example the USA has 110 volts) then you will need a power converter which you will have to bring along to ensure you are converting the voltage output according to your equipment need.

Most modern electronic devices (computers, cameras, chargers etc…) have a voltage range and it will say so on the equipment stating something like: Input 100-240V, which means a power converter is not necessary.

Please double check your needs and requirements before your journey and if necessary ask us before you leave for your vacation. Simple adapters for different plug designs are available at Waidroka. We can supply you with electrical adaptors but not current conversion transformers.