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Driving, Car Rental & Transportation

Posted by Waidroka Bay Resort

Fiji is a country where cars drive on the left side of the roads (like Britain and Australia. Fijian drivers have their own rhythm, and road signs are often disregarded. So be aware of what’s going on around you. A valid driver’s license from an English-speaking country or an international driving permit is needed to drive in Fiji, both of which need to be obtained in your home country before traveling to Fiji. The minimum driving age is 21, regardless of what it is in your home country. Roads are a mixture of paved and unpaved; the majority are two lanes, but locals often disregard this when overtaking other vehicles. Always drive slowly and carefully and watch out for locals walking on the road sides during day & night (be careful as at night time they appear out of nowhere).

Car Rental: We can arrange for a car rental agency to bring a car to the resort should you need one during your stay. It is advised to shop around and stick to the larger companies as they will have better quality vehicles.

Bus: There are a series of buses and minibuses running along Queens Road between Nadi and Suva. The timetable for these buses is found on the Information Board in the Reception area. You just need to book a taxi from the Resort to the bus stop in Korovisilou.

Taxi: We have a very friendly and reliable local taxi company we work with. Transfers to and from the resort can be organized though reservations and day trips can be quoted and organized through reception.