Dive Equipment

equipmnt Our rental equipment is all in great condition.  Sherwood Brut regulator sets, Apollo BCD’s and Atlantis 2.5mm shorty wetsuits.  Our tanks are subject to annual inspections and are all hydrostatically tested every 5 years.
All our dive boats are well maintained and fully equipped with emergency equipment, VHF radio, GPS and first aid kits.
Diver’s safety:  There is a recompression chamber in Suva.  Waidroka Dive abides by international diving standards, a code of practice and a code of ethics.  Other operators may offer cheaper diving, but perhaps less reliable instruction, equipment and safety procedures.


Equipment Rental Rates:
Complete set (mask//fins/regulator/BCD) $40
BCD  (safety sausage with every BCD) $15
Regulator $15
Mask $15
Fins $15
Booties $15
Wetsuit $10
Safety Sausage $  5